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How eWomen Works?

We help companies find talented women professionals for projects that are available on a work from home basis and/ or with time flexibility.


Create your eWomen Profile

  • Fill in the relevant details
  • Add your Education, Experience & Skills
  • Attach Education & Experience Certificates which will help to increase your grades on eWomen
  • Add Government Identification documents for verification


Test your skills

  • eWomen has several tests for each category.
  • These tests are conducted & certified by the world’s leading online certification agencies.
  • Good scores secured in the tests result in higher eWomen grading.
  • Proper grading helps in securing.
  • Long term home based jobs with leading companies.
  • A good hourly rate.


Upgrade yourself

  • In our quest to uplift and upgrade your skills, you will receive free study material related relevant to you on a regular basis.
  • You can keep learning and upgrading yourself through these updates.
  • Then you can perform your tests again to upgrade your eWomen grading.


HR & Sales

  • eWomen’s dedicated HR/ Sales team works on finding best work from home job suitable for you. They will reach out to you after receiving your profile.
  • HR/ Sales team is your friend. They make sure you do not waste any time looking for freelance jobs online.
  • Be prompt in responding to HR/ Sales team and provide all the right information to them. Here, you can just focus on studying, working & earning.


Give Interview & start Working

  • The eWomen HR/ Sales will help you to prepare for interviews & shall provide you all the relevant details of the employers.
  • The eWomen HR / Sales team will co-ordinate with you regarding your interviews with the relevant employers.
  • Once hired give your best to the employer. Remember only your performance helps you to secure long-term home based jobs.


Get Paid

  • Submit your work report.
  • Your payments will be confirmed after acceptance of your work report.
  • Your payments are secured with eWomen's strict payment policy.


Your Grading with eWomen

  • Every time you finish work with client satisfaction, you gain extra marks which helps to improve your grading at eWomen for part time jobs online.
  • Please read grading mechanism carefully & work on improving them to get maximum benefits.

Have any queries?

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